hijab magnets, 4 pack hijab magnet, gold, silver,rose gold, black magnet

Metallic magnets 4 pack

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4 Pack Metallic magnet set is perfect for everyone, the set includes

-1 Gold Magnet

-1 Rose Gold Magnet, exclusively available in the 4 pack

-1 Silver Magnet

-1 Gun Metal Magnet

Our Hijab Magnets replace the traditional safety pin we are all used to, how many times have you put on your favorite hijab used a safety pin and realized it created pulls or holes in your hijab when you went to remove it. With our hijab magnets you never have to worry about this ever again. 

Once you use these you will never go back to pins, they are super strong but won’t ruin even the most delicate hijabs.

Our magnets are made of nickel-free zinc alloy which give them the beautiful finish, each set comes with 2 magnets of the same colour. 

Please keep this item away from infants and children as it may pose a choking hazard and is dangerous if swallowed, if this occurs please seek medical attention immediately.